Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596
Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596 

What does it cost?

There is an initial one off registration fee of £140.00 and our dues are currently £255 a year which includes four three course meals complete with wine (the annual fees may be less, depending when in the financial year you join). You may also give to charity but the exact amount is entirely up to you and is a private matter. You may spend a bit on regalia but the first year is normally free, and after that, we can if you so wish, probably find you a used set.

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Ariel Lodge 5596

Meets at

Twickenham Masonic Centre,

Cole Court,
150 London Road,








Would you like to know more?

Eamail us anytime at

or Call us on   07957870416