Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596
Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596 

What about wives and partners?

In the interests of domestic harmony, people interested in becoming Freemasons are strongly recommended to bring their wife / partner into the picture at the earliest possible stage. The Twickenham Masonic Centre will be happy to give guided tours to the general public. Visitors can see inside the Masonic temples where the ceremonies take place and ask any questions they may have.


We also have social “Ladies Weekends” as a way of saying thank you to our wives and partners for their support. We also have other social events such as barbeques. These are an opportunity to have both quality time with your partner and also to meet other members and couples within the Lodge.


There is also the wider events we attend, such as the Middlesex annual amateur boxing dinner and the Grand Family Fetes for all to enjoy held in July and November. The last summer fete had a show of Classic Cars and Motor Bikes with a variety of things to watch or participate in, such as Tug-of-War, Ferret Racing, Dog Agility and Lindy hop dancing, not to mention the burgers, hot-dogs, curries and kebabs, and tea, coffee or beer to wash them down.


There are of course similar Masonic organisations for women.

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