Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596
Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596 

How do people join?

Once you have contacted us we will then arrange a convenient time for you to come along to Twickenham where we can meet on an informal basis and you will be able to ask any questions.


After the meeting and once you feel that all the questions have been answered then normally an application form is completed. If by mutual agreement it is then decided that your application should proceed, we will then need to include the names of two lodge members who have met you. Once completed, we would then ask that you meet with the Lodge Committee, again to get to know you more, and of course you to get to know us. This meeting will still be friendly, but a more formal occasion.


On the basis that you and the members are content, your application will be formally read out aloud at one of the four main meetings. If approved, then after this meeting a date will then be set for your admission and to join Ariel lodge to become a freemason.


So, if you do feel you would like to become a Freemason in Middlesex and join us and have any questions or want further information, please see the “Contact us” page.

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Ariel Lodge 5596

Meets at

Twickenham Masonic Centre,

Cole Court,
150 London Road,








Would you like to know more?

Eamail us anytime at

or Call us on   07957870416