Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596
Ariel Lodge Twickenham No.5596 

Do Freemans donate much to Charity?

Freemasonry does ask its members to give as freely as they can to charity, the amount depends on his circumstance in life and is a private matter. Not often broadcasted, but Freemasons have donated more than £120 million in grants since 1981. They have donated £1.5 million to life-saving air ambulance service and in 2011, a quarter of a million pounds to Parkinson`s UK just to name a few. Last year alone they donated over £20 million to charitable causes.

How often have we told ourselves that we really should send money to help with some famine or other disaster we have seen on TV, only to forget all about it in the rush of everyday life? Freemasonry provides a structured channel for fundraising from its members and reacts quickly when help is needed urgently, as we did in the case of the Tsunami disaster.

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